Team Humans
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5242 Port Royal Rd
Springfield, VA 22151

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About Us

What IS Team Humans?

Team Humans is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit striving to inspire every person to contemplate, appreciate, and celebrate all we share by virtue of being human. (Mission)

We envision a world where every person recognizes themselves in the other, enabling a tomorrow where we all can be human together. (Vision)

Join us and let's build a better tomorrow, today. 

Meet The Team

Jon Doe

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Jane Doe

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Our People

Get to know our small team committed to making a BIG difference

Team Humans is a movement MUCH bigger than our organization and the folks represented below. 
Thanks for being part of the team :)

Zach Cahalan

Executive Director & CEO

Zach has spent over 10 years in various leadership positions with disaster relief and recovery organizations. He considers leading Team Humans to be the most meaningful and fulfilling work of his career.

Rob Rutland-Brown

Board Chair

Rob works in nonprofit management and for more than a decade has focused in the field of immigration legal services.  He is thrilled to be a part of Team Humans to help bring more cohesion to a world that feels increasingly polarized.

Rodney Green

Board Vice-Chair

Rod has worked in 13 countries in the fields of education, human rights, and international development management.  With a strong passion for cross-cultural unity and collaboration, Rod is excited to be part of Team Humans.

Carmen Liefeld

Board Secretary-Treasurer

Carmen has held numerous leadership positions within both for-profit and non-profit healthcare arenas.  Her true passion is helping others to be authentic, wholehearted leaders. Her commitment to Team Humans is driven by that passion.

Anjana Dayal de Prewitt

Board Member

 In the last 16 years, Anjana has worked in over 25 countries in humanitarian and development settings. She has a Master’s degree in Sustainable Peace from UN Mandated University for Peace and a Diploma in Humanitarian Diplomacy from  DiploFoundation.  In addition to her two books, Gudia: A Defiant Doll and Papa ke Joote (Hindi), she is published in peer-reviewed journals and books on subjects related to gender, community mobilization and psychosocial support. 

Our Values

Every aspect of our work is driven by our unwavering commitment to our core values.

  1. Dignity: All humans by virtue of their humanity are entitled to be treated with basic human dignity. Nothing anyone does can diminish or enhance one’s claim to dignity.

  2. Universality: The universal nature of the human condition transcends any notion of separateness, including but not limited to: nationalism, politics, race, creed and/or religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, nation of origin, ideology and more.

  3. Diversity: There is remarkable diversity of thought, culture, and expression within the human race. We seek to appreciate and celebrate diversity in all its forms as a necessary condition to tell the human story in its full breadth and scope.

  4. Encounter: Authentic appreciation and recognition of our shared humanity is only possible in a world where persons of all manner of diversity engage with each other. Encounter enables our vision of a world where every person can see themselves in the other.