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The Team Humans Story

September 1, 2018

Team Humans was formed to affirm the universal truth that is so often obscured from view: We ALL are human.


It may seem so obvious and pithy, it's not worth mentioning. 


We don't think so. In fact, we felt so compelled this sentiment was lacking in the world today we founded Team Humans to promote it. We believe it's the necessary seed our world needs to sow a more life-giving future. 


We're tired of the divisive rhetoric. We're tired of hot takes. We're tired of us vs. them. We're tired of outrage.


We're tired of hearing about "others" who seek to harm us in some way, shape or form. We're tired of being presented a dualistic world that doesn't come close to representing reality.




We ALL are moved by acts of compassion, love and generosity. We ALL feel loss, grief, and loneliness. We ALL have hopes and dreams. We ALL laugh. We've ALL needed a friend.


And yes, within the broad spectrum of humanity an abundant diversity of thoughts, opinions, and expressions exist. We do not ask anyone to set them aside or cast them away. They are inextricably bound in how we see, move and breathe in this world we share and therefore, they all belong. These differences are also part and parcel of what makes us human.


So here at Team Humans we're going to be busy with the work of helping contemplate, appreciate, and celebrate what makes us human. You can count us to be a voice for unity and togetherness. We can't to wait to meet you and learn from your lived experiences. We believe that anything is possible for our world when we genuinely see ourselves in each other.


That's why we do what we do. That's our story and we're sticking with it. 


We're beyond thrilled our stories have intersected here today. We can't wait to hear the creative ideas you have to help the cause. Share your amazing ideas, reactions, and thoughts in the Comments below or email us at 



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