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Meet Lorene Jackson: A Beautiful Embodiment of Our Values

July 11, 2019

Lorene Jackson, formerly a National VP for Boys and Girls Clubs of America, currently serves as the Chief Development Officer & Senior VP of Strategic Implementation here at Boys and Girls Clubs of the Coastal Plain. A graduate of both Concordia University and the University of Tennessee, Lorene has devoted her life to serving underprivileged youth. BGCCP’s mission is, “To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to reach their full potential as productive, caring, responsible citizens.”


When Lorene describes what brought her to Boys and Girls Clubs so many years ago, she focuses a lot on her love for education. She comes from a family of educators and because of this she knew the restraints and shortcomings of our education system, which frustrated her. She wanted to work with young people in a way that had less constraints on it, which is what drew her to the after school space. She began reaching out to some programs as she finished her undergraduate degree and found an opportunity at a club in Knoxville, Tennessee. She describes her reasoning for staying connected to BGC and the non-profit space, she says, “It’s my passion. It’s what I love, so it keeps my cup filled up. I know that can be tough when you’re working in the social sector. I think for me why I believe I’ve stayed connected is this idea that I’m doing something for the young people… throughout the country through my work with Boys and Girls Clubs of America. I think I stay connected and centralized to this because I believe I’m still making a difference.” We asked her about which of our four values stuck out to her most and here is what she had to say...



One of my favorite parts of this interview was the way she pieced our values together in a bit of a puzzle. We cannot coexist well with just one of these values. They all build off of each other and she explains this in a really beautiful way. She later elaborated more closely on this idea of what Encounter means to her…




One of the things I was most excited to ask Lorene about was what she believed we, as a more united human race, can do to really put these values into action. Her response did not disappoint me.



Lorene is not naive in imagining the potential in how we can change the way we interact with one another on a day to day basis. She is beautifully and masterfully realistic. One thing she touches on is the idea that our position as a world leader is in question for many. I think this statement really pushes us to dive deeper into this idea of diversity. Our world is ever changing at a rapid pace, and so is our country. When we consider our potential, it is important to consider what these changes look like for different people. Some may not see a need for change in the way we accept each other. Perhaps that means we need to step outside of ourselves and explore what life may be like for those with different backgrounds so that we can encounter each other in a more respectful and authentic way, When asked what she believes we can do, she said the following…



Team Humans would like to thank Lorene for her time and for the work she does to embody the values we hold so dear.




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